Ludovic Righetti
Principal Investigator
photo of Armand Jordana
Armand Jordana
PhD Student
photo of Sébastien Kleff
Sébastien Kleff
PhD Student
photo of Ahmad Gazar
Ahmad Gazar
PhD Student
(Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems)
photo of Avadesh Meduri
Avadesh Meduri
PhD Student
Huaijiang Zhu
PhD Student
Bilal Hammoud
PhD Student
photo of Majid Khadiv
Majid Khadiv
Senior Researcher
photo of Paarth Shah
Paarth Shah
PhD Student
(University of Oxford)
photo of Qiushi Zhang
Qiushi Zhang
Undergraduate student
photo of Joseph Amigo
Joseph Amigo
Visiting MS student
(Ecole Normale Supérieure)

Past members

Shahram Khorshidi, intern at MPI then PhD student at the University of Bonn
Julian Viereck, received his PhD in May 2022 then went to Amazon
Sarah Bechtle, received her PhD in May 2022 (MPI) then went to Deepmind
Miroslav Bogdanovic, received his PhD in January 2022 (MPI)
Elham Daneshmand, intern at MPI, then PhD student at McGill University
Kai Pfeiffer, Postdoc, then went to NTU Singapore as a postdoc
Maximilien Naveau, Postdoc, went to the LAAS/CNRS as a research engineer
Andrea Del Prete, Postdoc, then went to the University of Trento as a professor
John Rebula, Postdoc
Brahayam Ponton, received his PhD in July 2019 (MPI)
Sean Mason, received his PhD in May 2018 (USC) then went to Boston Dynamics
Nick Rotella, received his PhD in November 2017 (USC) then went to Garmin
Alexander Herzog, received his PhD in August 2017 (MPI / ETH Zürich) then went to Google X