Current activities


Most of our software is open-source and available on the laboratory Github. In particular, you might be interested in the following packages:

All our contributions related to ODRI are available on the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative Github. It includes hardware designs, low-level real-time control code, simulation tools and basic controllers for legged robots.


We work with a wide range of robots. Our laboratory has a Sarcos humanoid robot, a Bolt biped, several Solo12 quadrupeds, several manipulation and mobile platforms including a Kuka iiwa14 and a tri-finger platform. Our laboratory consists of a 1000sqft fully sensorized space including a motion capture system. We also conduct large scale, collaborative experiments in a 3000sqft shared robotics experimental facility. The hardware designs of the ODRI robots are open and can be found here. Check out our Youtube channel to see our robots moving!

image of the Sarcos humanoid image of Solo12 image of bolt image of Kuka iiwa image of trifinger platform


We are grateful to our sponsors for their generous support. Our current research is mainly supported by the National Science Foundation grants 1925079 1932187 2026479 and 2222815, Meta and New York University.

We are also grateful to our previous sponsors, including the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the European Research Council, OPPO, NYU Wireless and Google.